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Lucy + Rich | Newport Beach Hornblower Cruise Wedding

Someone once told me that relationships are all about timing.  They gave me the example that once you are in a committed relationship all other suitors even if they are better suited for you are out of luck simply because they had bad timing.  I’d like to think romance and relationships have a little more to it than just timing.  Take Lucy and Rich for example.  They were high school sweethearts that went their separate ways for awhile.  It wasn’t until later that they knew they were meant for each other.

Lucy and Rich had a beautiful sunset wedding on Hornblower Cruises from Newport Beach.  They kept the mood fun and casual and time absolutely flew by while we were on-board.  As I watched and photographed this lovely couple, and took note of how Rich looked at his lovely bride each chance he got, I knew this was not the work of timing.  That would be much too simple an answer, it’s something much deeper than that.  Lucy and Rich, congratulations and thank you for including me in your special day.