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Why I shoot weddings.

When asked what I wanted to be while growing up I never answered that I’d like to be a wedding photographer.  No way.  But after shooting my first wedding over five years ago I realized that there is no greater way to create truly emotional imagery than shooting a couple’s most significant day.  Photographers choose to shoot weddings for a myriad of reasons.  Some may like all the pretty details, some may love posing their couples in high fashion poses, and some are simply in it for the money.

As for myself, I don’t thrive on fancy venues or expensive details.  It does not matter to me how good looking my couple are.  What fuels me are the real moments that happen between people.  Moments like when the groom looks at his bride and knows he will love her forever, the proud smile that a mother gives her son during their dance, the choked up father of the bride during his toast.  These are unscripted moments, a laugh, a tear, a fleeting glance only a watchful eye would ever notice.  Making these images is my constant challenge for every wedding I’m privileged enough to be a part of.  To me that is where the true beauty lies in a wedding day, and that is why I shoot weddings.

James and his mother share their mother son dance.