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The Dark Side

Since I began photography I have always shot Canon.  I’ve never felt the need to explore other options.  In fact I’ve never even taken one shot with a Nikon ever, until now.  So what sparked the curiosity?  When shooting weddings you are exposed to a myriad of shooting conditions, indoors, outdoors, dimly lit churches and reception halls, you name it.  Actually having control of the lighting you are subjected to is often a luxury.  You must take what you are given and make the most of it, at least to the maximum potential of the equipment that you are using.

My Canon bodies (1D Mark III, and 5D Mark II) have performed well, but I kept having the feeling that I was leaving something on the table, mostly AF and ISO performance.  These are areas in which the Nikon D3 and D700 are clearly superior to my Canon bodies, I won’t even mention the D3s.  So what do I do?  Over the years I’ve amassed quite an assortment of Canon equipment, you would be hard pressed to assign me a job that I would not be able to prepare for (equipment wise), but were these the best tools for these jobs?  Making a switch would require selling and replacing a lot of equipment, some serious soul searching was in order.

After reviewing my own wedding photos shot by my photographer with two D3s, I simply couldn’t ignore the consistency of the exposures as well as the high ISO performance.  Shots taken at 6400 ISO were no problem, and I am reviewing these files on my 30” monitor!  Comparing my Canon files from similar situations, the answer was clear, I should be shooting Nikon.  I desperately waited to see what Canon would do with the 1DMkIV before deciding to trade in all my gear; and besides slapping on some HD video and adding some megapixels, Nikon was still the ISO king.  I still feel the Canon system is better suited for landscapes and controlled environments like studios, but for what I shoot Nikon has made me a believer.