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The portrait lens: 50mm vs 85mm.

One of the most common mistakes I see other photographers make is choosing the wrong lens when making a portrait. With the 50mm and 85mm both being billed as “portrait” lenses, a lot of photographers use them for portraits without regard to what they are actually shooting. The truth is it makes a difference what […]

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Is it spring yet?

Wow I think its been forever since I did a “for photographers” post! This photo was inspired from another photographer on the potn forums which was actually published by Canon. Since it was such a great concept I decided to use it as an excercise to practice using off camera lighting. Sandy, who you might […]

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I’m a PC!

Instead of showing you what’s in my camera bag I thought I’d show the other equipment I use to make photos, my computer! I started building this new rig around the holidays and finally finished a couple of weeks ago. I thought the final outcome came out well so I gave it its own photoshoot […]

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